Posted on 15 Sep 2017 Wildgoose on the Presentation Trail

IMG_2311 Fantastic day that my colleagues and I had in our Presentation Skills Seminar. Thank you to Walter Blackburn from Presenting  Success and Jonathan Wildgoose for putting this course forward.

The course was carried out over a two-day period, whereby we learnt how to present ourselves to prospective clients and on how to conduct ourselves in   meetings.

 “Having already attended a Presentation Course in the past this refresher course was outstanding and I picked up information that I have never  even really considered.”
Jackie Elson, Marketing Assistant

“Before I started at Wildgoose, my career path was a bit awry and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. Now that I have started my career with Wildgoose Construction they have given me the opportunity to gain knowledge and progress into a career which is worthwhile and I’m sure I will be able to utilise this course in my day to day work.”
Josh Payton, Assistant QS

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