Posted on 08 Feb 2018 Ian Bewley (AKA) The Lord

Ian & JonathanIanWildgoose Construction Limited said farewell and happy retirement to one of our trusted team.  Ian Bewley had previously worked in the Construction industry for some time before joining Wildgoose in December 2010 soon becoming a valued team member and work colleague.

Ian affectionally known as “Lord Bewley” is a well travelled man, he is the Alan Wicker of Wildgoose Construction and there are many destinations he has not visited.  Ian said, “I am off on more travels in the next few weeks, I just book these holidays and Lynn, dutiful wife follows me along.”  Ian & Jonathan 2

Chesterfield Football Club is another passion of Ian’s but feels he is a jinx on them because when he listens to them on the radio, the other team always scores!

From being a grandfather, maintenance manager for his son’s property and traveller of the world, good luck for the future from Wildgoose Construction Limited.


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